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WonderBroads Of Windsor & Essex County

February 9, 2011 | Print | Bookmark
The WonderBroads of Windsor and Essex County formed in the early spring of 2003. The original goal was to support and participate in the first International Dragon Boats for the Cure, sponsored by French Dressing and held in Windsor in July 2003.

As with the first team in Vancouver, we soon discovered that not only were we becoming physically fit but that we were having fun and developing new friendships in the process! The more we paddled, the stronger we became both as individuals and as a team!

The WonderBroads range in age from 30 to 72 years. Although we are a unique group of women with varying interests and skills, we all firmly believe that it is important to raise public awareness about the quality of life after treatment for breast cancer.

Competing in dragon boat racing allows us to become a message of hope to people living with this disease and to those who support them.

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